Being Present and Accountable

  • Hold community office hours so my neighbors can easily find me and bring their concerns to work through together.
  • Utilize multiple communication platforms to engage with community members in positive ways and to work towards addressing any concerns respectfully.
  • We may not be able to solve our problems on social media, but we can open up that route to meet there!
  • Focus on increasing community engagement through creating community events and supporting existing neighborhood projects.


Inclusion means ensuring there is room enough for all of us in the conversation. It means examining the ways we do things to see if there are people we are leaving out or not listening to, and working to fix the ways that we fall short. It means making the extra effort to be sure that our decisions aren’t only looking at ourselves, but they’re taking into account the community around us.

Equitable Development

We have been told over and over again that parts of our city have flourished while others have suffered greatly, and we need to be honest about our part in the suffering of our neighbors. St. Louis City property taxes are governed by the Hancock* Amendment, and so when taxes for some go down, taxes for others go up, and any development that puts the tax burden on those least able to carry it is inequitable.