Inclusive + Equitable 8th ward



  • Collaborate with residents and local business owners to identify and meet community needs.

  • Smart Public Safety

  • Racial and economic equity



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  • Address the root causes of criminal activity such as poverty and a lack of access to community, educational and other social/environmental resources.

  • Tackle substance abuse in our community as a public health issue.

  • Utilize social workers and mental health professionals to address safety issues stemming from mental health, as well as the first line of intervention with nuisance properties.


Racial and Economic Equity

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  • Implement and support neighborhood-based calls to action of the Ferguson Commission Report.

  • Empower women, immigrants, and persons of color in starting business and community projects in the Ward.

  • Ensure economic development is benefitting ALL 8th Ward residents through community benefits agreements and intentional, equity-focused analysis of development projects.

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