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Hi 8th Ward,

There is a lot going on in our city and in our country, and it's hard to know where to begin these days. Sometimes it may feel like national events and politics don't affect our day-to-day experiences, but now, maybe more than ever, that's just not the case. From racist attacks, anti-Semitic attacks, bombs in the mail, troops at the border to block people seeking asylum, court packing while the Senate is in recess, and continued attacks on healthcare, trans people, safety net and public programs - everything that happens in D.C. hits us pretty quickly. That's why, as much as I have significant disagreements with some of her positions throughout this campaign, we MUST turn out the vote on November 6th for Claire McCaskill for U.S. Senate. Her voting record is strong on most of our values as Democrats, even if her campaign has baffled me some, and I significantly disagree with her recent statements on immigration. Having another rubber stamp for Trump's corruption, nationalism, and deconstruction of democratic norms; electing Josh Hawley would be devastating, not to mention Hawley has almost nothing to show from his time in the Attorney General's office. I'm voting for Claire, and I'm asking you to, as well. 

Coming down the ballot, the 8th Ward Dems endorsed almost all of the Democratic slate, including an enthusiastic endorsement for Nicole Galloway for State Auditor, our State Representatives - Lakeysha Frazier Bosley (79), Peter Merideth (80), and Bruce Franks, Jr (78), and Karla May for State Senator in the 4th District. We also endorsed a YES on Amendment 1 - CLEAN Missouri; YES on Amendment 2 - Medical Marijuana; NO on Amendment 3 - a more questionable medical marijuana initiative; YES on Amendment 4 - Bingo - though there is something really strange about having to put bingo on the ballot. For Propositions, we endorsed a YES on Proposition B to Raise the Minimum Wage statewide; a YES on Prop C - a statutory change for medical marijuana; and a YES on Prop D for a gasoline tax increase. We don't endorse on retention votes for judges, but here's a guide if you'd like to learn more - http://www.yourmissourijudges.org/judges/  You will also be able to vote for two (2) St. Louis Elected School Board members on this ballot, and after we got to hear from all of the candidates, the 8th Ward endorsed Donna Jones (a returning member) and Joyce Roberts. 

I highly recommend using these endorsements as a guide because they come from some of your neighbors (let me know if you'd like to join the 8th Ward Dems - we'd love to have you), but doing your own research before you head to the polls on November 6th. There are varying opinions on the medical marijuana initiatives, on the gasoline tax increase (a revealing one by former legislator Joan Bray in the Post-Dispatch), and on the school board elections. As we will hopefully be transitioning back to elected control, the school board elections are very important this year, and I'd encourage looking closely at all the candidates. 

Next month we'll get deeper into business at the Board of Aldermen, but for now, we'll see you at the polls on Tuesday, November 6th! Polls are open 6am-7pm and I'll be working Election Protection with my colleague Alderman Jack Coatar to ensure that your right to vote is unimpeded. Reminder that you DO NOT NEED A PHOTO ID TO VOTE. Your card from the Board of Elections is sufficient, and a judge has ordered election officials stop making voters sign an affidavit if they don't bring a photo ID. If you have problems voting or if your electronic machine is not matching your selection to your ballot, don't just walk away, call us! Call me personally at 314-399-8861 and I'll report it, or 1-866-OUR-VOTE (1-866-687-8683).

- Annie 

Fall Happenings

Annie in Action

Rodel Fellowship in Public Leadership:  I am excited to announce I have been selected to join the Rodel Fellow class of 2018 at the Aspen Institute. The Rodel Fellowship selects each class annually and consists of 24 Fellows-- "identified by the program’s leadership as America’s emerging political leaders with reputations for intellect, thoughtfulness, and a commitment to civil dialogue. The 24-month fellowship program consists of three weekend-long seminars, generally held in Aspen, Colorado."  Previous Fellows include: Tishaura Jones, Jason Kander, Robin Carnahan, Todd Richardson, Eric Schmitt, and joining me in this year's class is State Representative Shamed Dogan.

"While the participants in this program are all elected, and therefore political, leaders, the Rodel Fellowship is not a political program but an educational and leadership training program based on the belief that by exposing participants to a variety of philosophies, viewpoints, and strategies, we will improve the quality of problem-solving in the states and in our local communities." 

I'm honored to have been chosen for this fellowship, to follow in the footsteps of bipartisan political leaders in all levels of our government. I can't wait to share what I learn!

Monthly Meetings

Shaw Neighborhood Improvement Association (SNIA)1st Monday every other month at St. Margaret of Scotland church basement at 39th and Flad in the basement. 7:00 PM

Southwest Garden  Neighborhood Association (SWGNA): 4th Monday in July and October at St. Louis Activity Center, 5602 Arsenal, 7:00 pm

Tower Grove East Neighborhood Association (TGENA):every fourth Tuesday of month at Tower Grove Abbey, 2336 Tennessee, 7:00 pm

8th Ward Independent Democrats: 3rd Thursday of every month in the St. Margaret of Scotland church basement at 39th and Flad. CHILDCARE PROVIDED. (No meetings June-Aug., Nov. or Dec.) All meetings are open to the public. 

Upcoming Events

Soldier's Memorial Reopening for Veterans Day: November 3rd- 12th; Soldiers Memorial, located at 1315 Chestnut St.
Tower Trot 5k:  November 4th, 10 am - 2 pm; Race starts/ ends at Roman Pavillon in Tower Grove Park
Lights, Camera, Community Action!: All proceeds to Tower Grove Neighborhoods Community Development Center; November 16th, 6:30 pm- 10:30 pm at Wild Carrot 

Airport Privatization: Alderwoman Cara Spencer filed BB93 which would require a public vote on any privatization or long-term lease deal for the St. Louis Lambert Airport and I'm proud to stand with her as a cosponsor. Alderwoman Davis has held three public hearings on this bill and the majority of the feedback at those hearings has leaned towards having a public vote if a deal should be presented, so I am hopeful that the bill passes through the Transportation committee soon. If not, the group St. Louis Not For Sale is gathering petition signatures to do the same, and I support their efforts to ensure that the people get a vote on any privatization or long-term lease deal on our largest municipal asset.

Health and Human Services committee: I serve on this committee, and in this last month, we have heard and passed bills to accept a couple of grants that will benefit the St. Louis Area Agency on Aging and work to establish data points on the city's opioid crisis. It has been a great opportunity to learn more about the programs that are available for Seniors in our city and how to access them, as well as will give us accurate data on the scope of the opioid crisis in St. Louis so we know where resources should be targeted to help fight a problem that has existed in our city for far too long. We also passed a resolution declaring the second Monday in October to be Indigenous People's Day, honoring the people who inhabited this land before us, and who are still an important part of our city.

Annie around STL

Presenting a resolution to Anna Crosslin for her 40 years of service at the International Institute of St. Louis

Presenting a resolution to Anna Crosslin for her 40 years of service at the International Institute of St. Louis

Annie on bike tour for "National Night Out"

Annie on bike tour for "National Night Out"

Celebrating Wild Carrot as the Mayor's Neighborhood Business of the Year

Celebrating Wild Carrot as the Mayor's Neighborhood Business of the Year

Supporting the  The Excel Center St. Louis  Free Adult High School at 1727 Locust Street

Supporting the The Excel Center St. Louis Free Adult High School at 1727 Locust Street

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