Thank you!

Thank you! Thank you so much for all of your work, your encouragement, your push to keep going, the hours spent talking to 8th ward neighbors, hundreds of you donating your time and money. Thank you to all of our 8th ward residents who opened their front doors to talk with us and signed one or both petitions to make this happen, and for every voter who came out yesterday. Thank you to everyone who supported me from the beginning and those who took the time to get to know me. Thank you to my incredible team for your enthusiasm, amazing work, and drive for a better Saint Louis.

But especially thank you to all of you in the 8th Ward and in St. Louis who have continually engaged with your neighbors, your neighborhood associations, your organizations, and representatives. We are a strong, energetic community that works hard to make this the type of community we want to live in. A community that deeply cares about what's good for our neighbors, and believes that our lives are interconnected. This campaign was about connecting people, and in order to realize the vision that we heard over and over again in the ward, I'm going to need you to stay involved and stay ready to work together, and I'm going to work hard to create those avenues so we can. 

I also want to thank Paul Fehler for a strong campaign that made us talk about issues and what's important and for being one of those 8th ward residents who cares deeply about our community and our city. I am grateful for his offer of support and look forward to continuing to work with Paul and those who supported him. We have far too much work to do to hold grudges and not push forward together.

It has been a whirlwind of a campaign, and I'm deeply grateful for all of the energy, and also grateful for a short bit of time to rest and catch my breath this weekend. Please reach out to me with your questions and concerns - messenger, phone, or email is easiest as notifications are hard to keep track of - I want to be present and available with you. I'm working to launch an email newsletter to keep you informed and as a way for you to give me input. I'll post that link as soon as it's live. 

newsletterAnnie Rice