My Values & Track record


Engaging with you is my job. Beyond meetings and events, please contact me anytime.


Good government means that everyone's voices are valued and people can trust their government to serve them. Whether I'm analyzing legislation for our entire city or collaborating with community members to support specific efforts in the 8th Ward, your voice and needs are important. 

  • Our city's residents know the resources available to them and work with government agencies and elected officials for the best outcomes, regardless of their location or leadership.

  • Communities share best practices and great ideas to strengthen the city overall. 

  • People who are impacted are invited to inform decision makers, especially those who are not often considered. One example would be ensuring true ADA accessibility throughout our city.

  • In all of my roles, my core beliefs are that no human is illegal, love is love, black lives matter, and that we only enjoy the freedoms to be ourselves and pursue prosperity when those freedoms are extended to us all. 


All St. Louisans deserve to feel safe. We can make this a reality by changing our understanding of what true public safety means. This is going beyond law enforcement to think about human needs, neighborhood collaboration, and delivering resources. 

  • Address the root causes of criminal activity such as poverty and a lack of access to community, educational and other social/environmental resources.

  • Tackle substance abuse in our community as a public health issue.

  • Utilize social workers and mental health professionals to address safety issues stemming from mental health, as well as a first line of intervention with nuisance properties.

  • Empowering communities to solve problems and reconcile differences; neighbors knowing and understanding each other goes a long way. 


We have been told over and over again that parts of our city have flourished while others have suffered greatly, and we need to be honest about our part in the suffering of our neighbors. There are many opportunities to work toward sustainable, equitable development in our 8th Ward and throughout our city. Examples include:

  • Ensure economic development is benefitting ALL residents through community benefit agreements and intentional, equity-focused analysis of development projects. 

  • Implement and support neighborhood-based calls to action of the Ferguson Commission Report.

  • Empower women, immigrants, and persons of color in starting business and community projects.

  • Support the use of unionized labor in all taxpayer funded development projects, support the rights of all workers to unionize, and oppose all pushes for anti-labor legislation.

  • Implement consistent, transparent requirements and procedures regarding tax abatement and tax increment financing usage, including using a racial equity lens in assessing such financing.

  • Find creative solutions to promote affordable, healthy, inclusionary housing.

Track Record

Elected in February, 2018, I've been hard at work for the residents of the 8th Ward and the people of St. Louis. As a member of the citywide legislative branch, I currently serve on the Health and Human Services, Public Utilities, and Convention and Tourism committees of the Board of Aldermen.

The first resolution I sponsored, condemning the Federal Government policy of separating children from their parents at our border and our Governor's support of those actions by continuing the deployment of our National Guard, was co-sponsored by every member of the Board of Aldermen and was sent to our elected officials. 

As a ward, we've worked through a difficult summer of trash collection, a number of significant traffic issues, we're getting new LED lighting in high traffic areas, and we've given valuable community input on development projects. Whatever the task may be, I engage with constituents, work with neighborhood leaders and represent our interests to others to overcome challenges and act on opportunities to better our quality of life. 

Three examples of legislation that I've co-sponsored include a bill to promote good governance through campaign finance limits, reducing our city campaign donation limit to $2,600 per person; a bill to enhance accessibility by providing for the effective captioning of our city meetings for the hearing impaired; and awaiting a hearing is a bill to change the definition of "honorable guest" to remove lobbyists from the floor of the Board of Aldermen.  

We implemented traffic calming measures on Louisiana Avenue (speed humps) and worked with neighbors and DeSales Community Development to transform a vacant nuisance property into a rehabbed home, coming to the market soon. 

We worked with the 15th and 6th wards to open the Assisi House V in Tower Grove East, a long-term residential facility for men experiencing homelessness. The Health and Human Services Committee held a meeting with our Homeless Services Division and a variety of community voices to discuss areas for improvement and creative solutions to these pressing issues. I would love to hear from you on this issue, please contact me with thoughts, ideas and suggestions I can bring to our committee. 

I am constantly amazed at the vibrancy in our ward - I make a point to connect with you as often as possible through the many active neighborhood associations, community organizations, events, festivals, programs and small businesses that are thriving in our area. Thank you for the energy you bring to our corner of the city, it's a service to our region at large and I hope to see you out and about soon!

Before you chose me as your Alderwoman, I served the 8th Ward and the 5th Senate District as your Democratic Committeewoman, encouraging voter registration, engagement, and turnout. I came to this work through activism, service, and the belief that what affects one of us affects us all.